Until I realized they were just racist

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When my father died, his brother drove up to Illinois from Kentucky for the funeral. Theirs was not a close family, and we hadn’t seen Uncle Jack and his crew for at least fifteen years. Even so, my sister and I appreciated the gesture and were happy to see them. At the post-funeral gathering, however, I was reminded why I had not sweated the fifteen years that preceded the funeral.

Seated between my mother (by then, long-divorced from my father and twice remarried), my Aunt Dixie (Jack’s wife), and across from my cousin Kyle, I slowly sipped my gin and…

America’s favorite midwestern family sings us through these troubled times

Photo of Jeff Tweedy via Savvapanf Photo/Shutterstock

I have always had a soft spot for Jeff Tweedy. Now, thanks to The Tweedy Show, I have a crush on the entire Tweedy family.

If you don’t know, The Tweedy Show is an Instagram Live show that began at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, with Jeff in the tub. It now airs several days each week at 9 p.m. CT and is essentially Jeff Tweedy and his kids shooting the shit and playing music, with Susie Tweedy behind the camera, recording and adding commentary.

Spoiler alert: Jeff hasn’t been in the tub since episode one.

The show began…


Busan <> Chicago

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